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Running the pre-built Spin pipeline directly

Run the following command to run the pre-built Spin pipeline without having to initialize a project:

fluentci run spin_pipeline

Add Spin Pipeline to your project

Run the following command to add a Spin pipeline to your project:

fluentci init -t spin

This will create a .fluentci directory in your project, feel free to customize the pipeline for your needs. You can then run the following command to start the pipeline:

fluentci run .

Environment Variables

SPIN_AUTH_TOKENYour Fermyon Cloud Access Token.


buildBuild your Spin application (Only Rust is supported at the moment).
deployDeploy your Spin application to Fermyon Platform.

Programmatic usage

You can also use this pipeline programmatically:

import Client, { connect } from "";
import { build, deploy } from "[email protected]/mod.ts";

function pipeline(src = ".") {
connect(async (client: Client) => {
await build();
await deploy();