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Fluent CI Documentation

Let's discover Fluent CI in less than 5 minutes.

What is Fluent CI?

Fluent CI is a CI/CD tool that allows you to build, test, and deploy your code in a standardized way. It is a self-hosted solution built on top of Dagger, Wasm and Deno, can be run locally or on a server, and is completely free and open-source.

It is also a registry of pre-built pipelines that you can use to build, test, and deploy your code. This means you don't have to write your CI/CD configuration from scratch. You can simply search for and use pipelines that others have already built for different projects like Java, React, Node, Deno etc.

Why Fluent CI?

Fluent CI is a great choice for your CI/CD needs because it is:

  • Local first: you can start using Fluent CI locally on your machine, and then export your pipelines to your CI Provider (Github Actions, Gitlab CI, Azure Pipelines, AWS CodePipeline, etc.) when you are ready.

  • Web-based UI: you can easily set up and manage your pipelines using a web-based UI (FluentCI Studio).

  • Consistent: designed to be consistent across all platforms, you can run the same pipeline locally and on your CI Provider without any changes.

  • Easy to use: built on top of Dagger and Wasm, you can easily write and run pipelines in Typescript/Rust or any other language that compiles to Wasm.

  • Free and open-source: completely free and open-source, you can use it for any purpose, commercial or non-commercial, without any restrictions.

  • Extensible: you can easily extend Fluent CI to meet your specific needs.

How does Fluent CI work?

All Fluent CI pipelines are written in Typescript (Deno) / Rust. This means you can easily read and understand them. You can also easily modify them to meet your specific needs. This makes Fluent CI a great choice for your CI/CD needs.

And all pipelines will be executed :

  • by Dagger in a Docker container, you can easily run them locally or on a server, any platform that supports Docker.
  • Or by FluentCI Engine in an isolated environment directly on your host machine (thanks to Nix, Pkgx, Flox, Devbox, Devenv, Mise, etc.), for Wasm based Pipelines.